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1st Annual Stanthorpe Working Bee



The 1st Annual Stanthorpe Working Bee has been run and won ! QEMSC members did themselves proud.

In fact, I’d say the club as a whole “Cleaned up” at this meeting. A lot of the work will benefit our club in particular as we improved a couple of areas where our members crashed last year. We couldn’t improve ALL areas as a couple of our members managed to fall off in very strange places.


One major area is turn 5 (or is that 6 ?) the sharp right hander just before you come onto the straight. Tony Jacobs will now find it much harder to bang his passengers helmet on the tractor tyres. New tyre walls on the inside and outside of the track at this point should encourage us all to go just that little bit faster. And if we do, and we somehow manage to lose it because of our new found speed through there, rest assured we have re-packed the bottle bags which protect us from the concrete wall along the straight.What’s more we discovered a concrete ripple strip there that we painted white just because we could !


I have to say, the track at the moment is looking good. I’d be very happy to have a run there. I noticed the track has a brand new generator installed so you can see they are investing in the future of the track.


As a social event a very big Thank You has to go to Ted Hayes for his efforts in supplying us all with not just a Bar-b-cue dinner that couldn’t be beat but a breakfast to match.


I myself have never been to Stanthorpe in the summer time and the pleasant evening air was a welcome change to the usual freezing conditions. It made the evening’s conversations much more enjoyable and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. I would also like to thank all of our members who did not sing, fall down drunk or generally disgrace themselves in any way. Are we getting old ?


Best time of the weekend was 5 minutes and 34 seconds set by myself and Bernie Summers on an outfit !¬† A credible result as I think as it was Bernie’s first ride on a Fordson.

Lindsey Grainger managed a respectable time on a nail rake of uncertain vintage and a special mention should be made of Bruce Marston’s performance on a modern two stroke.


President Gene.

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