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General Competition Rules

The rules that govern Historic Road Racing are laid out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport ( MOMS ) in particular Section 14 Historic Road Racing . This manual is updated every year to try to keep pace with the changes to the sport & is available to download from the MA web site.

Any club member can request a rule change by completing a MA Rule Change request form & either faxing to MA on 03 96840555 or email the completed form to rules@ma.org.au

The process & time line for a rule change to be implemented can be found at the Rules & Making Rule Changes page on the MA site.

These are the current rule changes that have been submitted & have been considered by the Historic Road Race Commission for possible inclusion in the 2016 MOMS. http://www.ma.org.au/fileadmin/user_upload/Documents/Event_Documents/2015/Historic_RR_Commission_Minutes.pdf

Tyre wear

Fork oil relative weights

4 speed gear ratio calculator

5 speed gear ratio calculator

Engine building formulae

How to build a Honda CR750

Measuring chain wear



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