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What a weekend, there are many people for me to thank first. Leaving home in my old van's maiden voyage after nearly 2 years off the road. After being held up twice on "The Gap" twice in about 10 minutes was enough for us to find that the new radiator was not up to the task. We made it to Fisher Park. It was there that I contacted Gene Lopeman. Bernie Summers & Gene were able to take over my trailer and tow it to Stanthorpe. Thank you very much to Bernie and Gene.

By the time we got to Stanthorpe a lot of work had all ready been completed.Now it is time to set up for the barbie/drinks on Saturday night.I am sure I have not cooked a barbie for that many people.So here my next lot of thanks to Paul Chesher for taking over and doing a great job.I am sure every one enjoyed the meal that Paul had cooked.A few drinks were consumed and for most of us it was off to bed so we could have an early start on Sunday morning.

I am not a great morning person and the thoughts of solids at that hour of the day was not a pleasing thought.Maria Chesher said to me (thankfully)that she would be happy to cook breakfast thank you so much Maria and her offsider Gail?Once again everyone enjoyed the cooking.A great social weekend of having a chat with out the problems of working on race bikes into the night.Once again many thanks to all those concerned with the weekend and to the people that bailed me out again.

Regards Ted Hayes

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