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From Bernie Summers:-  

I know most in the club would have heard of, heard him commentating, seen his writings, put up with his bent sense of humour, ridden against him & maybe known personally, Australian motorcycling “media personality”  Ken Wooten.

I've just received some sad news:

Ken Wootton has died in a hotel room in the Czech Republic, aged 57.
Was on his annual tour of the old Eastern Bloc and had complained in the
last few days of chest pains. He was discovered at 4pm on Sunday.

RIP Ken “Woose” Wooten.

A bloody good bloke!


And from Damien Kavney:-  
I was made aware of some sad news this morning.  It seems to be coming fast lately.   Ken Wooten passed away on Sunday while overseas on holiday. I dont have any other details but I have heard from the guys from down south that details will be posted up on AMCN facebook page or on the AMCN website.

Ken did a lot for the historic community in terms of promotion and organising, especially in Period 4 and 5. He played a big part of the Island Classic each year, he brought Historics to the World Superbikes and the MOTOGP as a category as well as continually reporting on historic racing.   I think our sports has just lost big time.  


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