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Track Master Triumph

The first photo is of my track master triumph, these frames were built in America by a guy by the name of Ray Hensley, they were designed solely for flat track racing & were the frame of choice for the top riders in the 1969-75 era & were used with Triumph, BSA & Norton motors though it would seem that Triumph power was the most commonly used. The engine in this bike is a very standard `71 TR6 650cc with twin carb head using 30mm mk2 amal`s. At the end of the Triumph era in the USA they were using very potent 750`s putting out up to 72 HP at the rear wheel. I bought the bike as a basket case & it was built up by Don Newell. 

Cheney Triumph 

The second photo is of my Cheney Triumph, this was also built up by Don Newell, he was the agent for Cheney frame kits, I supplied the motor wheels & forks, it was originally built for Vintage motocross, I took delivery in 1997 & rode it in motocross for seven years before giving it a change of life. It is also powered by a `71 TR6 650cc in a standard state of tune.


The third photo is of my “Maiumph” as I call it. This bike I built up as a pre 78 class vintage motocross bike. The frame is a `77 Maico enduro modified by Vern Grayson to incorporate a new top tube to carry the oil for the Triumph unit 500cc motor, again of 1971 vintage. The Sprint meet was the first true race meet for this bike & if it goes as well on the motocross track I will be pleased.

Doug Aicthison

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