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Ducati 250 single Period 4

By Tony Eelkema

My first interest in historic road racing was in the nineties when I made the trip from Toowoomba to Lakeside raceway in Brisbane as a spectator at the Bears meetings which I believe were organized by the Ducati Owners club of Qld. It was at one of these meetings I decided I needed to be on the other side of the fence so a basket case Ducati single was sourced from my brother.

( I use the term basket case very lightly ).

Work began in earnest and over the next 20 years!!!! or so a motorcycle has evolved from a bare frame. It now has a Honda front wheel with Ducati rear, standard forks and some left over body work found at swap meets etc. But alas still no running motor. After opening the box of bits that were to one day be the motor to propel my new/old bike it was decided within about 30 seconds that I should pay some else to rebuild it.

Contact was made with Phil Hitchcock of Road & Race Motorcycles and a plan was hatched to build a budget race motor with a solid bottom end and pretty much standard everything else with the exception of a high compression piston. Nine months later after remortgaging the house I had my blessed motor back complete with 32mm Delorto carb and points ignition. I slotted the motor in and got Gundy local Lex Dreier to wire up a coil & with a quick call to Phil who confirmed it will run on super we fired it up for the first time, and it made some noise.

It's first outing was at the Warwick drags in 2008 ( a great fun day for QEMSC members ) it was discovered that all was not well. To cut a long story short two years of part time tinkering ( I am no mechanic ) has seen fuel go from petrol to avgas and points go to electronic ignition and finally a conversion to methanol fuel to try and get the thing to run as it should. As I pen this dribble it is still untried but I do intend to race at the local meetings in the not too distant future.

( Tony lines up against Doug Aitchsion at the Warwick drags in 2008 )

In conclusion I would like to thank QEMSC members for their support and friendship since I joined a few years ago.

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