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Firstly let me say putting this together has been a long time coming ( after reading this some of you may say not long enough! )


I started racing about 6 years ago on this very bike which I still run today. After many years of being a spectator I finally did what I wished I should have done many years ago, that being to get out on track!


My first step was to join the QEMSC club, I then gained my rider competency on my first ever outing at Morgan Park with them, at the time the bikes were only using the short track, just under 1km long,( remember the up over the hill blind crest section? loved it )


I can still remember how nervous I was and how worried I was about getting in some ones way etc, but I also remember what an absolute blast it was to finally get on track! Yeah, unfortunately I also remember the first time I saw the “last lap” sign, I went past, round the circuit and then proceeded into the side road heading into the pits, only to then realize, hang on, I haven’t finished the race yet!  I think there was something in the riders briefing about a chequered flag? What was I thinking!... So I turned around and headed back out and finished my first ever road race, ( dead last of course ) much to the amusement of the officials!


About the bike, it took me about two years to build from scratch, I had no one to talk to for advice ( being stuck in Stanthorpe certainly didn’t help ) and only had the “bucket” rules and regs booklet to go by. Most of the parts I had lying around my shed, the frame is from a 1973 XL100 double cradle type, I then adapted a front end from a 76 CB360. The rear shocks are from an XL185, the body work fairing and seat unit are early RS 125 and the belly pan is from a CB250 Honda. The fuel tank is from a TC100 Suzuki. Just to get to this stage took a huge amount of time and effort as I had no idea where to position everything ergonomically, so I went around measuring and studying road bikes, pictures, specs etc to come up with what I have now. This included where to position the clip-ons, rear sets and fairing mounts which I had to make ( remembering this was once a trail bike ) 


The engine was built out of about 3 different units, the cases are from an early XL 185 and the internals are essentially XL100 with a CB125 crank. The cylinder was a 185 unit which had a standard 2 valve CB750 sleeve fitted, the sleeve and cylinder were then trimmed down to suit the stroke. The piston is from a later CB750 4 valve with a little machined off to give me a compression ratio of about 10:1 In it’s current state the  beast is punching out a whopping 144.7cc. The cam shaft is a Tighe unit. I also machined a CB 125 fly wheel and lightened it and had the stator coil rewound to run the standard XL185 ignition only.


Of course the modifying never stops as you always find something to improve on or change in that ultimate quest for speed!


I can really say out of all the bikes I’ve owned over the years this little machine is right up there in the fun stakes and has had some great dices with larger machines and given them a good run, especially on the tighter circuits,   Cheers,     Rusty.

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