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Matchless G50 by Graeme Osborne


In early 2009 I was contracted by Motor Cycling Australia to make an appearance at the first Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza alongside my brother Alan and his son Donny. I had kept riding road bikes over the years and at the age of 70 I decided to give it a go. I contacted Ron Angel to see if he had a spare bike. Lo and behold he offered the ex Mike Farrell 350 Norton with instructions not to blow it up or crash it. I had a wow of a time and really enjoyed myself even though I was slow, having retired from racing in 1974 as I thought I was an old man at the time.


At this event Lyall Williamson was parading on a very well presented Matchless G50, he was saying that it was up for sale. Being somewhat overcome at the time I later purchased the bike from him in mid 2009. I then joined QEMSC and received my competition licence and started on my renewed racing career. The bike has proved to be dead reliable.


It is a Matchless G50 Replica 1959 model, one of several made up by Ken Lucas sometime in 1987. The bike was fully re-engineered by Lyall Williamson ( the reason I bought it ). It has a 5 speed gear box not 6 which is good enough for me. This bike could easily win in the right hands.


I have since purchased a 1959 Triton 650. Another story for another day.  Remember you are never too old. 

Graeme (Ozzie) Osborne, Noosaville. Q

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