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Suzie and Lex’s  BSA Sidecar


We race a 1961 650cc BSA A10 roadracing sidecar. We bought it originally from Just Bikes in 2000 in slightly different condition, it looked very weary and was a 1947 – BSA 500cc A7 twin motor in standard tune in a rigid frame with 16 inch front wheel, 15 inch rear and 10 inch sidecar. It ran magneto ignition, an Amal type six carby and had a Ducati Darmah tank perched atop the frame.

After dismantling, cleaning, reassembling and numerous repairs it was ready for its maiden voyage – first problem it handled like crap. This with much help from Tony Jacob’s was traced to 45 mm too much trail – not a good thing in a leading link front end. This was the first of many modifications in the pursuit of speed.

Currently the only things original on the bike and even those have been modified are the frame, wheels and front end.

It has evolved into a very different sidecar.

Engine –  BSA – A10 650cc – assembled by Peter Lucock

·         High compression 12 – 1 pistons

·         Lumpy cam

·         Boyer Bransden electronic ignition –housing by Terry O’Keefe

·         32 mm Amal carb

·         2 into 1 exhaust

·         Super rocket head with 1.5’’ valves

·         Methanol fuel

·         Total loss battery system carried in nose cone

·         Electric fuel pump drawing from tank behind sidecar wheel to small overhead header tank

·         5 Speed Triumph pre unit gearbox

·         Front brake – Bsa conical modified to look like Manx

·         Continental tyre on front, Maxxis-rear, Falken-sidecar

·         535 chain

·         Triumph Clutch

The bike has been lowered, widened, seating position altered and fiddled within an inch of its life. We haven’t crashed it yet but have had the sidecar wheel break off twice and have stood it on the sidecar nose with back wheel a foot off the ground, -in pursuit of Jacob’s in turn 3 at Stanthorpe.  (Too hot  and not giving Suzie time to get from the left to the right corner) – truly an epiphany in the making.


We have had a magnificent time on it – 3rd at Qld titles 2001 at Lakeside in 500cc form – every one else crashed or broke down.  Races at Stanthorpe and Warwick always chasing and occasionally passing TJ.  Trip to Eastern Creek last year – a shit load of problems but what a track.

If you really want to have fun and meet some of the friendliest people in the world – become a classic sidecar racer.

Thanks to – Tony Jacobs, Peter and Paul Jacobs, Terry O’Keefe, Peter Lucock, Barry Seivers, Ian Milton, Ted Hayes, Rob Glock, and my various passengers - Greg Heironymous, Tony Eelkema, and my favourite my lady – Suzie.


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