Following discussions yesterday at Lakeside between John Tetley, Leo Cash and myself, it has been agreed to include historic bikes at the "Lakeside Classic Speed Fest" on 19 and 20 September. QEMSC have been invited to participate and whilst the fine details are yet to be worked out, the basic idea is this:

A. Bikes up to and including Period 4 will be eligible to enter.

B. This is not a race. The actual name/description is yet to be decided, however "spirited demonstrations" will be encouraged.

C. The format will be a "butcher's picnic" type event with all classes combined.

D. It is anticipated that we would be given a warm up lap, five demo laps and a cool down lap, total of seven laps, twice a day both Saturday and Sunday.

E. Cost will be $120:00. including the ACER licence and insurance.

F. John Tetley has offered for those interstate riders who may wish to attend, following the Aust. Historic Champs, to store their bikes at QR for no cost.

G. Noise level is 95 dBa and will be strictly enforced. (My Triumph sidecar with a muffler but without any packing tested at 96 dBa).

H. Please note this is not an MA event and entries will be via the QR website. Although this is not an actual race, I encourage all members to be involved, even if you treat it as a practice day as it is a very important stepping stone for us to be back racing at Lakeside. Unless we support it with a big roll up, John Tetley may not bother to cater for us in the future, so please attend. Best Regards, Ian.