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Please find attached pictures of my last project/ restoration along with some info below.

( Above pic is current condition as at 27/1/15 after full restoration )

The bike is a 1937 Excelsior Manxman 350 TT racer. It was used by the factory ( not a road version ) as a test bike for the 1937 TT before being shipped to Western Australia in 1938. It was raced by a number of West Aussie racers. The bike has been in the family from which I purchased it for the last 55 years. It was restored ( to some cosmetic extent 15 years ago ) and as the pictures portray looks to be in good condition. The bike has the original matching frame and race engine numbers. It was definitely used as a race bike and now I have stripped the bike to reveal more, has had a hard life and is in need of total restoration ( I’m looking forward to that ). I have had the bike only 2 weeks so I’m moving very quickly on the restoration. The intent is get the bike back on the track, Lakeside this year is the aim but not sure if I can make it. It would be a great show piece for the QEMSC meeting.

The bike is currently not fitted with the Bronze head but is in the box of spares. Unfortunately the Cam Box for that head is damage and maybe unrepairable, so assistance with that would be appreciated. The engine will run but I will not start it until I have taking it apart and checked it out along with the gear box etc. The biggest challenge is the lack of a workshop manual ( how to build ) So a lot of pictures have been taken along with numerous drawings for reference later on.

( Above pic is current condition as at 27/1/15 after full restoration )

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