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I am presently completing a CB 750 E to have a run at some of the local classic meetings. It started life as one virtually complete "non runner" and a spare engine.  

Whilst the motor's been pretty well rebuilt from the ground up it's virtually stock running at 836 with a ported head, mild cam and 28ml carbs. Dyna ignition running a total loss system. The frame's got a bit of bracing, runs koni shocks, box section swing arm and twin discs. All in all it's been a budget project over the past 5 years as I don't have a lot of time to spend on it from time to time. I just have to put tyres on it, run it in and get used to riding it as I haven't had a road bike for the past few years.

My aim is to use it to have some fun at club level and develop it as I go when I've got the cash. I was in the Motorcycle Sportsman in the late eighties for a number of years and had a great time though now at 50 I don't bounce as well as I used to! 

Cheers,  Cameron Huxley

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