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Lynvale Homes Racer   www.lynvale.com.au

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me I shouldn’t be racing this bike! I am racing it, I am having a ball and I have met a lot of interesting and great people that have raced or are racing these bikes now. A lot of people get misty eyed when they stop and talk about the bike, especially the ones that actually raced them at Bathurst. The bike started as a normal SS, pretty much still is and can be converted back to road trim fairly quickly and its still registered. I saw the bike in the window of V2 at Tennyson went home and told my good lady wife. She said just go and get it, so I did. God bless her little cotton socks. I used it as my main road ride for a couple of years, during that time I realised how good it handled when it could keep up to early Yammy R6’s up Mt Nebo. Not long after that I caught the racing bug (read: mid life crisis/second childhood etc).



Frame Ducati 76Engine 900ss Desmo 76

Converted to RHS gear change 1 up  & 4 down the way they should be

Brakes Brembo shaved callipers with modified st01 pads

Crank slightly lightened (no flywheel) and balanced

Digital ignition euro type bastardised with modified ignition coils and some other non euro parts! Works well spins to ten grand and its still making power.

Rockers arms polished to buggery as per normal early Ducati tradition

Tyres Dunlop racing wets (English ones)

Rims front and rear Akront wm3 with s/s spokes Has anyone got any Borranis

Front suspension standard Marzocchi Ducati fare with a little tinkering

Rear suspension Bitubo period 5 style units from ppmp

Carburation 2x 40mm Dellortos

Exhaust Conti pipes and shortened balance pipe and 750 sport front header pipe.

Modified 750ss round case clutch cover to be modified even further to comply with 2010 moms

Sureflex comp clutch plates

Lightened steel clutch basket

Fibreglass tank with fuel indicator

Final drive front sprocket 15 or16 tooth (never checked), rear sprocket 41 tooth

Special one way crankcase breather valves by Rex Bunn

High compression pistons

Kick start

Bore 86mm x  80mm stroke

Maximum RPM 10000 unless its lying to me, after all it is a veglia (vagueliar)

Drinks bp100 or unleaded 95/98 it doesn’t care

Power 80bhp tops with tail wind


Southern Downs rd3 2009 & competed at 2009 Australian Historic Road Race Champs. Nothing to write home about there except I had a ball trying to keep up with all that talent. Ducati rider Chris McRae was giving us some tips on how to go faster when we noticed the balance pipe was cracking up big time because the front header was still copping abuse from left handers. So we were wondering where are we gonna find a welder out here?. Then 2 minutes later Gary the welder walks past and says “Do you know anyone who needs a welder?”!! Made my day, we took about 20mm out of the balance pipe, stitched it up again and we made no grinding noises around corners except for the right side. It still has a kick start boss, Mp as you know is mostly righthand. Soon the new tyres will go on and I’ll be in the shed designing a new outer case guard for it to stop the oil spilling on the ground in a stack to keep up with the rule changes.


Rider Brett Chandler  #193  nickname Roona (don’t ask)


Only genuine Italian parts fall of this race bike

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