Gidday QEMSC members,

Attached please find Sup Regs along with Camping & Practice application forms for this years Barry Sheene Festival of Speed.

Several of our members including myself have participated for the last few years. If you haven't been, it's a great event & one worth experiencing. As most know Eastern Creek was built to host the 1991 round of the world motorcycle Grand Prix; it continued as such till 1996. It is a relatively fast & flowing track and is a real buzz to get the 1st corner sorted out. On my bike (125) it's flat out; on a bigger bike I'd imagine it would be a challenge. ;-)

This year the organisers, the Post Classic Racing Association (PCRA) of NSW, are NOT having  "bucket" racing  & neither are they having points scoring for their own championship series.  The idea of this is to  make this historic only event of more "national" appeal by giving the riders more track time and offering a total of $20,000 in prize money!

A bit of spiel from their PR:
Competitors  in  the main  feature  race,  the  ‘Barry  Sheene Memorial’,  will have the chance to win a share of $13,000 in prize money. For 2010, the ‘Barry Sheene  Memorial’  takes  on  a  new  twist,  with  2  heats,  the  first  on Saturday  and  the  second  on  Sunday.

In  a  salute  to  the  class  of  bikes  Barry  Sheene  competed  in  before  he passed  away,  a  Pre-1962  500cc  feature  race  called  the,  ‘Premier  500
Class’ makes an  interesting addition  to  the race programme.   Riders will do  battle  over  six  laps  on Easter Sunday,  each  vying  for  a  share  of  the
$5000 prize money. As part of the PCRA's combined sponsorship deal with  the Norton Owner’s Club of NSW,  the  ‘Unapproachable F750 Challenge’  for  Pre-1972  750cc  bikes
will also offer cash prizes.

The 2010 Barry Sheene Festival of Speed  is on  the 3rd  – 4th April.
A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
For  further  details  contact  Scott  Waters  on  0425344711  or  visit, or

Note also the  Ken Lucas Trophy (Senior Champions Challenge) is open to rider and machines up to P4 750cc whose combined age totals more than 90 years. 1 x 4 laps - a hint for those with P4 race bikes in the shed!  (I could ride an up to 1979 model ;-) )