Lobethal Grand Carnival 2009
Scheduled for the October long weekend, October 2-4, Lobethal Grand Carnival 2009 will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Australian TT and Grand Prix meetings held on the famous 8.65 mile circuit. 1939 AGP winner Allan Tomlinson, the event patron is expected to make the trip from New York where, aged 92, he now resides with his daughter. Featured marques for 2009 are MG and Alfa Romeo.
With a capped field of 100 cars and 50 bikes, ENTRY APPLICATION are being sought between now and January 30th 2009 to allow organizers maximum lead time to promote the event and present a field of the best possible pre 1963 machines, including actual cars and bikes which ran at Lobethal. Vintage aircraft will also be a feature at Lobethal in 2009 with negotiations under way for machines of the 1939 era.

HISTORIC RACING returns to Lobethal.
For students of Australia's motor racing past, for the handful of surviving drivers and riders, and for those who were there, as crew, as spectators, as awestruck youngsters; the word "Lobethal" is at once synonomous with magnificent racing machines, daunting speeds on a sealed and hugely challenging circuit of more than eight miles, and heroic measures of human bravery, inspired performance and epic endurance. Nestled in the Adelaide Hills, less than an hour east of Adelaide, Lobethal is set for a serious re-enactment of its glory days, sixty years after the last races of 1948 and a timely seventy years after Lobethal Carnivals Ltd first recruited the services of a fledgling Sporting Car Club of S.A. and the Motor Cycle Club of S.A. to stage car and motor cycle races in 1938. Much has been written of Lobethal, by those who saw it, those who came to race, to spy even! And by those who have imagined it, researched it, driven it. A wealth of imagery, moving and printed remains; a select number of cars and bikes exists, the winner of the 1939 Australian Grand Prix, Allan Tomlinson is still very much in our midst and best of all, the fabled circuit of 47 bends, a ribbon of road so frighteningly fast, so steeped in mystery, so revered that it was once acclaimed by no less than multiple Australian Grand Prix winner, Doug Whiteford, as the greatest racing circuit in Australia, remains in its entirety. It is upon this proud heritage, "Lobethal Grand Carnival" will pay homage to the unique history of events past.



( POSTED 10/12/08 )
The club was represented by Bert Skuce, Bruce Marston, James Barclay, Lindsay Donai and Christine Menzies, Ron Bennett and Daryl Skewes. Thanks to all for their effort and special congratulations go to Lindsay and Chris, the new Australian Champions in Period 4 Sidecars, Ron and Daryl who were runners up in P4 Sidecars and James who placed 3rd in the P5 Ultra Lightweight class.
For those interested - this link will take you to a site with the results and times.


Your club site looks great , thanks for adding my link, I hope it is useful and I am only too pleased to add your link on my site. 
Your members may be interested in a new book just released covering the history of the Castrol 6 hour races written by Jim Scaysbrook.  It was released in December, and I bought myself a copy for some holiday reading.  It was about $65 and well worth it for someone who is from 'that era'.   It should be available at larger motorcycle shops. 
Regards,  Ian Williams.