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Yamaha XS 400 Twin

1978 Period 5

After punting a CB125 around Warwick and Stanthorpe throughout last year after an introduction into historic racing from our webmaster Dave Vincent the search began for a larger capacity machine. Fruitless hours wasted scouring  flea-bay and classifieds failed to uncover anything at a reasonable price and luckily through a series of chance occurrences (again thanks to Dave ) I happened upon the XS, a little sad and sorry but mechanically sound with a genuine 7000km from new.

Minutes after parking the "new" acquisition it was stripped bare of all but the rolling chassis and engine. Being a budget build and with a sound running engine I have concentrated on stripping as much weight out of the old girl as possible, all road going components not absolutely necessary for the running of the bike have been binned including the starter and alternator ( alone removing close to 5kg's ).

The bike now bare and looking even sadder ( but close to 45kgs lighter at just over 100 wet ) the build began, having no experience whatsoever with points and looking at the very sad spark being generated an electronic ignition was sourced from the Netherlands  (http://www.elektronik-sachse.de), clip-ons from Tingate Racing and a set of Raask rear sets from Omars (http://www.rearsets.info/) in the states were fitted, the brakes were overhauled, new front and rear master cylinders and lines fitted meant the old girl should at least go and stop. As for cornering the forks were reconditioned and dropped in the trees, new Dunlop TT900GP’s fitted as was a Ducati style seat unit and “cafe racer” style fairing both sourced cheaply through eBay.

As it stands the bike owes me no more than 2 grand and I’m sure will continue my education in road racing. I’m looking forward to dusting her off and getting her on the track for her first outing in Warwick. Thanks to you all for the warm welcome to the club and looking forward to seeing you on race day. All the best.  Alan Barter.

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