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 I currently have an AJS 7R, I traded a 62 Norstar to Ken Lucas and a some cash for the 7R about 18 months ago. The B31 was my start in Historic racing which I bought from a QLD fellow in 1999 and arranged a pick up at the Gatton swap of that year, he'd built the bike in the early 90's and had raced it for a few years before parking it up.

I competed in short circuit racing for 2 seasons in the early 70's on a Bultaco scrambler and that has been my only other competition experience. I have had always had some form of motorbike  (but I do not have a road licence)

I started attending classic bike race meetings at Amaroo Park out of interest in the older machines and thought I might like to give it a go. I joined the HRR in NSW and then looked around and found the BSA from an ad in Just Bikes.

My first race meeting was at Wakefield Park at Goulbourn NSW where it rained, snowed and hailed (but racing went on!)  I must admit that watching from the sidelines looked a lot easier than it was on the track, I crashed out in the wet on my second race on the Sunday and had to head home and fix up the damage. 

I continued to race the B31 until 2009 with a couple of rebuilds along the way and have been fortunate to cover a few tracks around the country having had a couple of work stints in WA.  This has allowed me to sample Barbagallo & Collie in the west and have raced at Winton & Broadford in Victoria, Eastern Creek, Oran Park and Wakefield Park in NSW and Morgan Park in QLD.

Along the way I had a couple of runs on the 350 Norstar, I replaced the 4 speed Norton Gearbox with a 5 speed Triumph  and also had a nice 350 KSS Velo in a Nooge Smith Frame with a Ted Carey ( no relation ) Alloy barrel. I  sold the Velo at Gatton in 2009 (added to the cash for the 7R) Recently sold the original B31 to Garry Slater at the Haigsley Museum swap earlier this year. There has been a few other projects in between that never came together, an ES2 Norton, an earlier pre war AJS, a post classic Yamaha 125.

My racing successes had been limited to winning a couple of handicap races with the HRR.  I picked up the 7R from Ken Lucas on our way to another work stint in WA, headed off across the Nullabor again and enjoyed a great year of racing (2010) at Barbagello and Collie with the club over there.

It's amazing what a good bike can do for a rider, I picked up the club 350 classic championship for the year and was awarded the club Classic Championship.  I'd love to get some more track time at Morgan Park and work on getting my times down.

I'll continue to run the 7R where I can, I am still working out of WA on a 3 & 1 roster and will soon be heading to a project at Barrow Island on the same roster. Hopefully I can swing the work around some racing weekends. 

That's about it!  Regards  Wayne

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